Wednesday, December 15

Fishing Day

Last weekend I've been sketching here and there and selected this thumbnail sketch to do a painting.
At weekends there is always a bunch of people fishing at Foz do Arelho beach, which is the point where Óbidos Lagoon meets the ocean.
I need to go back there and catch the mood, perhaps in watercolor, and finally I'll do an oil painting.
We'll see.


Sally Ann Baker said...

What do they fish for (I mean what species of fish)?
My family originated in Genoa,and Plymouth (england) both great seaports.

Greg Long Artist said...

I like this.

Helder Vieira said...

Hi Sally,
At this time of the year they fish Robalo (just google it).
Foz do Arelho is a very nice beach in the west coast of Portugal and, as I said in the post, this is the point where the Óbidos Lagoon meets the ocean. A few posts below there is two pics of the lagoon and in one of them you can see the promontory that is on the left in the sketch and in the center of the photo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
Welcome and thank you.