Monday, December 6


Oil on linen 13' x 18 1/2' (33 cm x 47 cm)
Private collection

Rio de Onor is a small village in the North, in a region called something like «behind the mountains», and it is the last communitary village in Portugal.
The picture depicts a tipycal house made of raw stone and wood.
Winters can be very severe in this place, so people live upstairs and the animals, like goats, oxes and cows they live downstairs, keeping the house warm.
I painted this one in the summer.


Sally Ann Baker said...

I found your blog through Brenda York's and I look forward to more postings from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
As you see I'm just starting blogging, like a snail, but I think I'll get there.
I am reorganizing my studio and I think I'll soon get a painting debit in a regular basis.

Larry Seiler said...

Nice subtle hints of reflective cool colors on the roof plane...really brings the atmosphere in nicely and sense of depth illusion. Nice piece...